Functional and Nutritional Wellness Elite Health Programs in Wisconsin

3 Pillars of Wellness

The Elite Health Programs at the Center for Optimal Health are based on the 3 Pillars of Health, Functional, Nutritional, & Emotional Wellbeing. These pillars are interdependent and critical to optimal health. We have gathered experts in each field that work together to support you in regaining optimal health and functioning to the body and mind.

Pillar 1: Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness is based on the principals of Functional and Nutritional Wellness. Functional and Nutritional Wellness is focused on discovering underlying imbalances in the core systems of the body, as is therefore referred to as “systems medicine”. The main systems are the digestive, immune, energy, detoxifications, mind-body, and hormone system. Each system works with and is affected by the others.  Symptoms are a sign of imbalance, not the underlying cause. When you restore function to the main systems of the body the downstream symptoms disappear. Traditional medicine is a “symptoms” or “diseased-based” approach, if fail to restore optimal health and function. Though necessary in acute and emergency situations, Western medicine fails when it comes to treating complex chronic disease and dysfunction.

At your initial meeting with the nurse practioner she will extensively review your medical, nutritional, social, and environmental history. Thorough laboratory evaluation assessing nutrients, toxins, inflammation, metabolic markers, genetic and hormone imbalances are thorough reviewed and an individualized protocol is created designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Pillar 2: Nutritional Wellness

When the underlying imbalances are discovered, key nutrients are needed to restore the bodies’ biochemistry. Targeted supplements at therapeutic dosing are generally required to restore optimal function. Specific diet and nutritional support is critical to assist in regaining and maintaining whole body health. This is an individualized approach as certain foods can help enhance or detract from healing. Laboratory evaluation determines which food will benefit your body and those that won’t. A personalized diet is created and supported by your nutritionist and certified health coach Gail Horkman that includes recipes, menu planning, and shopping lists.

Pillar 3:  Emotional Wellness

The Neuro piece of this model works with how you specifically process information and store it in your nervous system – the mental pathways that your five senses filter through the way you see, hear, feel, taste and smell what you’re experiencing.

Elite Health Programs

The emotional piece deals with the response and reactions to what the neural pathways are signaling. Are you triggered when things are stressful? Do you isolate? How it manifests for you will be unique to you. If it isn’t supporting you, we shift it. If it is we enhance it.

The wellness component integrates real life daily living, supporting you with an approach to whole-life-living through the mindful coaching, spiritual/deep wisdom discoveries and chats and holistic deep relaxation work which calibrates the mind to its original state of wisdom.

This holistic integrated model works with your conscious and unconscious (subconscious) minds resulting in a clear path to managing emotions and daily stressors. It helps patients experience first hand what over 20 years of research has proven about creating a more resilient and resourceful experience in dealing with everything from chronic pain, terminal disease and illness, to deeply painful and traumatic past events. (SEE FAQs on Neuro-Emotional Wellness for more details.) The Center creates a safe, calm sense of lightness in her sessions to allow you to be who you want to be, without judgment of the current conditions of your reasons for being at the Center.

Other Services Provided

In additional to balancing the 3 Pillars above the Center for Optimal Health incorporates the following services into their Elite Health Program for comprehensive support.

  • mpulse Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • Whole Body Vibration Therapy
  • Deep Tissue/Lymphatic Massage
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Access Consiouness Energy Therapy
  • Detox-Inch Loss Body Wrap

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