13 Surprising Things Standing in the Way of Weight Loss

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  1. Yeast Beast
    Yeast strains like Candida Albicans live in everyone’s digestive track, but certain common triggers (like antibiotics to name one example) can lead to a serious overgrowth of yeast, which can cause a whole host of problems, one of which keeps you from losing weight. It has been estimated that between 70% to 80% of the population has a yeast overgrowth.
  2. Food Allergies
    It’s not uncommon for people to have food allergies or sensitivities that they are unaware of. The symptoms might not be that noticeable or you might have learned to live with them, thinking they are “normal” when in fact your body is actually having a reaction. Food allergies can happen with a wide variety of foods including foods ubiquitously thought of as healthly. These allergens can have a huge hampering affect on weight loss goals.
  3. Poor Liver Function
    In the modern age toxins surround us, it is impossible to escape them unless you are perhaps the bubble boy. If the body’s liver is toxic it essentially results in an overweight body and no matter the other efforts you make you will be unable to do anything but maintain your current weight.
  4. Letting Yourself Get Hungry By Skipping Meals
    Several things happen when you skip a meal. It creates an uneven distribution of calories throughout the day taking away the energy your body needs to function, it also causes severe hunger which causes overeating, and it slows your metabolism which stores food as fat instead of using it for energy.
  5. Overeating
    When you overeat it triggers stress in your adrenal glands and causes a sort of starvation mode.  Starvation mode tells your body to store the food in the form of fat. 
  6. Too Much Sugar Mixed with Too Much Protein
    Most people know that too much sugar isn’t a recipe for weight loss success. However, when you add too much protein to too much sugar, a perfect fat storing storm is born. Unfortunately, the body has a difficult time digesting excess protein when it is already trying to handle the intake of sugar. This combination will facilitate the storing of protein as fat.
  7. Caffeinated Beverages
    Caffeine is actually an appetite stimulant and it triggers the body to increase its energy stores, which in turn usually results in a cravings for sweets. Something to think about before reaching for that next cup of coffee.
  8. Alcohol
    Alcohol consumption changes the body’s natural sugar levels and wreaks havoc on the metabolism, which can severely hamper your weight loss goals.
  9. Exercising the Wrong Way
    Not all exercise is equal and it IS possible to exercise in a way that doesn’t really help your body lose excess weight. The body is designed to be constantly moving at different paces throughout the day to properly trigger fat burning hormones.
  10. Excess Stress
    Everyone knows that stress has damaging effects on the body and this includes fat storing effects. In addition many people are emotional and stress eaters, overeating when the body doesn’t really need it.
  11. Poor Sleeping Habits
    Different hormones cause fat storing and fat burning. Sleep is critical with hormones that burn fat, only releasing while the body is asleep in the late evening and early morning hours. 
  12. No Support
    Weight loss is no easy task, and it only gets harder when you go it alone. Support and accountability are essential to weight loss success. 
  13. Refined Sugar and Refined Protein
    It never hurts to reiterate the damage refined sugars and refined proteins cause to the body. The fact of the matter is that everything you eat is turned to sugar by your body and when excess sugar is consumed your body is overloaded and is unable to metabolize it. The result is fat storage.

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