Gail Horkman, Health &  Food Coach and Herbalist in Door County, WI

Gail Horkman, Health & Food Coach and Herbalist in Door County, WIGail Horkman, Certified Health Coach/Herbalist. Gail studied Dr. Christopher’s Master Herbalist Course through The School of Natural Healing & Is a Certified Health Coach through IIN,The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Helping people be healthy is a true passion for Gail.  Having dealt with and overcome health issues of her own, Gail’s enthusiasm and outgoing personality is inspiring to others. Gail has years of experience in helping people learn how to eat for optimal health. She is able to personalize food and menu items based on their individual needs.

Whether it be gluten, dairy free, or various food sensitivities discovered through testing , Gail can work with people of varying allergies or dietary programs to help them make meal plans that are manageable for their lifestyle and budget. Knowing that people come from different backgrounds in understand healthy eating, Gail also offers personal food shopping assistance.

“Food is one of our most powerful medicines. What we eat is what we use to build our cells. After many years of struggling with my own health issues, I decided to change my diet and let My body heal from the inside out. What happened  was life changing, I lost weight, had more energy and mental clarity than I had in years. I wanted others to experience how I felt so I decided to become a Health Coach. I signed up at IIN – The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and here I studied over  a 100 dietary Theories and lifestyle management techniques. My focus is to help you obtain a Healthier Happier New You, by incorporating nutrient dense Foods  into you diet. I can show you how eating healthy can be delicious and fun!”

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