Nicole James, DPSc., C.F.M.P, C.N.C.

Nicole James in Sturgeon Bay, WIBackground of Nicole James

Nicole James was born in Los Angeles, California. Her interest in medicine, science, and physiology began at a young age when she discovered her skill in the sport of swimming. Hard work and natural talent made Nicole a world class swimmer, setting the national record for the 200 backstroke at the age of 15. Her athletic performance gave her a strong interest in optimizing her body as well as her performance. Nicole competed in worldwide swimming competitions representing the United States on the US National Team. Her athletic performance earned her a full ride scholarship to UCLA. While at UCLA Nicole was able compete in the Olympic trials and was able to take part in the rewarding experience of coaching the Special Olympics.

Education and Alternative Medicine

While at UCLA Nicole studied pre-med and after graduating she decided to get some real world experience in the medical field prior to continuing with Medical School. Her first position was in a dermatology office and it was an eye opening experience. Contrary to what she had anticipated the medicine practiced revolved more around insurance and pharmaceuticals as opposed to helping people relieve their ailments. It was actually a patient at the office that changed the course of her life. This patient was  an acupuncturist and practitioner of eastern medicine and helped Nicole see another path. Soon after, Nicole enrolled in graduate school to study traditional Chinese medicine and herbology. While in graduate school she acquired a full time job running an integrative medicine clinic. The clinic had a variety of specialists such as a nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and cardiologist. She loved the clinic’s scientific approach of western medicine combined with their holistic approach of alternative medicine. In Nicole’s three years at the clinic she gained a wide variety of firsthand experience learning directly from the specialists. In additional she managed the clinic’s lab and pharmacy and accumulated a small following of patients outside of the clinic.

Door County

In 2009 Nicole’s mother and step father moved to Door County, Wisconsin. Nicole visited them and enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the place. She had been contemplating leaving the concrete jungle for a smaller city where she could raise a family. Door County had everything she was looking for and she decided to relocate. Shortly after the relocation, Nicole took some time off to have and raise her first child. It wasn’t long before she realized that there was a demand for alternative medicine in the area and unfortunately people didn’t have many options when seeking alternative treatment.

Certifications and the Center for Optimal Health

The Center for Optimal Health was born in 2011 when an acquaintance requested a consultation. It wasn’t long before she leased her first office space and then grew out of it. The Center for Optimal Health subsequently moved to the larger space in Sturgeon Bay’s Fairfield Building. In the meantime, Nicole obtained her certification as a nutritional consultant (CNC) as well as her certification as a functional medicine practitioner (CFMP).  She also went through a lab certification program on neurotransmitters, hormones, and immune functions. She also received her doctor of pastoral medicine which is a non-religious approach to healing through the mental state, emotions, mind, body, and spirit and how it affects physiology.

Nicole James Philosophy

Nicole James believes in teaching people how to clean up their health through changing diet, changing environment, supporting the body, and supporting bodily processes. She aspires to empower the patient and teach them to take charge and responsibility for their health. Her goal is to remove the need for pharmaceuticals from her patient’s lives and help them maintain health. Nicole James believes that when the body exhibits symptoms it’s trying to tell you something and you need to look under the hood, so to speak, to find the cause and balance the body’s systems. For her diagnosis doesn’t matter, but instead she believes you must always ask the question why. Nicole enjoys taking the time to listen to her patient’s entire story and forms a personal connection when trying to detail a path back to health. She has a vested interest in patients and is passionate about helping them achieve their health goals. She enjoys seeing the success when patients listen, follow through, and improve. She has developed a supportive center with a caring staff to give her patients the support they need. Changing the course of a child’s life, renewing the life of a cancer patient, and resolving long time chronic symptoms are some of her favorite and most rewarding challenges.

She enjoys spending free time with her family, continually learning about her field, dissecting the latest medical research, and travelling for seminars.

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