Brenda S. Gilberston, Associate Degree RN, Nurse

Brenda Gilbertson started her medical career as a nursing assistant working in nursing homes and home health care. She enjoyed meeting families in home settings where care became more personal and intimate. She graduated with an associate nursing degree from North East Wisconsin Technical College in 2006 and pursued a traditional career in hospitals and clinics. Brenda found traditional medical caregiving less satisfying and rewarding; although the care was very intense, the patient relationships were less personal. She eventually decided to return to the home health field, and since 2009 she provided in-home nursing care to severely disabled children. Brenda has now decided to bring her twenty years of experience and her empathetic, personal touch to providing aesthetic services at Green Bay Integrative Health. “I believe the body is capable of healing itself with adequate support and that is why I’ve decided to work with specialists who also believe in this philosophy.”

Brenda is married with two children, and she enjoys the outdoors in Door County.

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