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Functional and Nutritional Wellness and Naturopathic Treatment at the Center for Optimal Health

At the Center for Optimal Health, our goal is to treat symptoms, conditions, and diseases by identifying and treating the underlying causes. The Center relies on science, advanced laboratory testing, and a holistic medicine approach to treat everything from common headaches to serious chronic diseases. All the specialists at the Center for Optimal Health use multiple avenues to achieve optimal health for their patients. Treatment protocols may come in a variety of forms such as diet modification, lifestyle changes, high quality nutritional supplements, naturopathy, medication, and energy healing.

Functional and Nutritional Wellness Consultations through Phone or Video ConferenceFunctional and Nutritional Wellness and Alternative Treatment Near You

Fortunately today’s technology allows the Center for Optimal Health to treat patients all across the country via phone and video chat. Many lab test specimens can be collected at the patient’s home and mailed to the testing center via Fedex or UPS pickup service. Some lab tests do require a professional and that can easily be arranged at a facility near the patient’s home. Supplements can be easily ordered online and shipped directly to your home. The Center for Optimal Health has patients all over the country so please call our offices for more information.

Alternative Medicine Programs at the Center for Optimal Health

Wellness Programs

The Elite Health Programs at the Center for Optimal Health are based on the 3 Pillars of Health, Functional, Nutritional, & Emotional Wellbeing. These pillars are interdependent and critical to optimal health.

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Healthy Weight Loss

Lose Weight in Sturgeon Bay and Green Bay, WI

Our Healthy Weight Loss for Life program uses a personalized multidimensional approach to help you lose weight the healthy way. Our support team is there to help you every step of the way.

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Functional and Nutritional Wellness

Functional and Nutritional Wellness Consultations to Treat Chronic Issues

The Center relies on Functional and Nutritional Wellness and advanced scientific testing for preventative care as well as treatment to common symptoms, conditions, and diseases. Consultations are available via phone and video conferencing.

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What’s the Difference Between Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Functional and Nutritional Wellness, Naturopathic Medicine?

Alternative medicine as a term is used to denote the practice of medicine that is different than traditional western medicine. Alternative medicine is really an umbrella term that can encompass many different theories and approaches to medicine. Holistic medicine is a little more specific, but still very broad. A holistic approach to medicine considers all the components of a person and their environment, not simply the symptoms that are ailing the individual. Integrative medicine is often considered the combination of multiple disciplines of medicine, taking the best of each discipline to treat a patient. Functional and Nutritional Wellness (nutritional genomic health) more specifically embraces each component of the body including biophysical, biochemical, enzymatic, endocrine, immunological, and bioenergetics regulatory capacities. Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine uses only natural remedies for treatment.

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